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Best Restaurants in Utah: One in Every County


We’ve made a point of finding the best restaurant in each county in Utah, especially for families. Though we are a long way from completing all 29 counties, we wanted to create a post that summarizes what we’ve done so far. We love finding locally owned restaurants, and we do have a soft spot for burger joints and diners.


When we are out adventuring, we have tried to find restaurants where kids will actually eat, as well as places with prices that are affordable. It can be pretty pricey to go out to eat with the whole family.

The portions were huge. Our kids had a hard time finishing all this food.

Our kids had a hard time finishing all this food, but they had something that they all would eat.

Just click on any link to see our favorite in each county. If you’ve got a suggestion or some feedback for us, let us know in the comment section. We are always on the look out for new restaurants to try. We have included some suggestions that we have for those counties that we haven’t visited yet!


Beaver (Patti’s Place– Hot sandwiches)

Box Elder: Peach City Restaurant

Peach City 2

They make their own ice cream here. It is divine!

Cache: Angie’s Restaurant

Breakfast all day! We love that!

Breakfast all day! We love that!

Carbon (Groggs or Sherolds)

Daggett (Brownings Corner Cafe)

Davis: Burger Stop

Burger Stop

They have great Kids Meal prices here.



Garfield (west): Henrie’s Drive-in

Henrie's Drive In 3

It’s the home of the Chubby Cheese here, but they also have quite a variety of food, including a yummy enchilada.

Garfield (east)

Nemo's 5

Seriously amazing shakes at Nemo’s!

Grand: Moab Diner

Moab Diner 2

We have tried a lot of different things at the Moab diner and we have never been disappointed.


Juab (JC Mickelsons)


Millard: Cluff’s Car Hop


We will drive the two hours for their fries. Delicious! And the hot fudge shake is a must!

Morgan: Taggart’s Grill

Taggart's Grill

This restaurant has it’s own exit. Not only is the food good, but the grounds are very pretty!

Piute: Hoover’s Restaurant

The Hoover Nachos were so good!! I think I would get them for my meal next time.

The Hoover Nachos were SO good!! There is quite a selection of food at this restaurant.

Rich: LeBeaus

Mmmm...raspberry shakes.

Mmmm…raspberry shakes. LeBeau’s definitely has the best shakes at Bear Lake that we’ve tried.

Salt Lake: Ballard’s IceBerg

Ballard's Iceberg

We love to stop and get ice cream and fries at Ballard’s. The food is pretty good too!

San Juan

Sanpete: Roy’s Pizza

Roy's Pizza

Best Pizza in the world! I crave their pizza all the time. Make sure to get the sticks with cheese. Mmmm!

Sevier (Mom’s Cafe)

Summit: Hi Mountain Drug

Hi Mountain Drug

This old drug store has delicious everything!!



Utah (Burgers): JCW’s


This restaurant has a few different locations, but you can’t go wrong with any of their burgers or shakes. Huge selection!

Utah (Pizza): Brick Oven

Brick Oven

Another restaurant with a few locations, but we LOVE the Pasta Bar here. We usually skip the pizza (which is great) and just get homemade pasta. Yum!

Wasatch: Dairy Keen


What kid wouldn’t want to eat here? You can sit at a table on a train, there are trains to watch inside, and a train table to play with. This is kid heaven and the food is good, too!


Washington: Roy’s Pizza

Roy's Pizza

I know, we listed this one twice, but it is seriously our favorite restaurant in Utah!

Weber (Burgers): Burger Bar

Burger Bar

You will eat outside at the Burger Bar, but they are most known for all the exotic meats that they offer.

Weber (Family Style): Jeremiah’s


They are famous for their huge breakfast food! This is the child’s pancake. All of the food is yummy here.