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Lehi Christmas Lights

Lehi Christmas Lights

Lehi Christmas Lights

We love living in Lehi and this year we found 3 different Christmas light displays right in our backyard. You can visit all three of these houses in one night, and you can even add Christmastime in Loch Lomond and make a great circle. We had fun watching these Lehi Christmas lights.


First Stop: 725 S. 1580 W. Lehi


Tune to 100.1

This light display has lights all over the yard, the house, and even the fence on the 700 South side. We watched for a little bit on both sides so we could get a good view of all the lights. We liked the variety of songs (we heard some we had never heard before), and there were a lot of different lights.

Second Stop: 565 S. 1700 W. Lehi


Tune to 99.9

This light display had some beautiful colors and was better timed than the first stop, but the song choices weren’t as good. We didn’t think they were upbeat enough for the light display, but we still enjoyed watching this home’s lights for awhile. We really liked the bright colors here. 

Third Stop: 2489 W. 700 S. Lehi


The west side of the yard has a fun tree that changes colors!

Tune to 107.7

This house has a lot of lights, but there is only one tree that has changing lights. We couldn’t hear the music unless we were parked right in front of the house, and even then it was slightly static. There is currently construction on this street (year 2015) so it makes it harder to enjoy. But it’s a fun house to visit since you are already nearby.


This is the east side of the yard.


If you still have time, you can drive down to Christmastime in Loch Lomond. We liked this one the very best! It has an amazing tree that does lots of fun things, and the lights are very bright and well timed!