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Santa’s Workshop Saratoga Springs


We heard about this Christmas light show from our family who live out in Saratoga Springs, but we had a great time checking it out. The family has lights all over their yard and home, and even their truck! The fun part of this light display is that it is set to music. We thought it was one of the better music/light shows we’ve seen. The show lasted about 15 minutes. Tune your radio to 106.7 to enjoy the music with the Christmas lights.

To find this display, take Redwood Road to Saratoga Springs. Turn west onto Harvest Hills Road (just north of Wal-Mart). Follow through the first round about, and turn left (south) out of the 2nd round about onto Providence Dr. Then you’ll run into another round about (seriously, why are there so many round abouts in this neighborhood?). Take a left out of this round about onto Bountiful Way. You’ll see the lights from the round about. The home is on the corner of Bountiful Way and Trelis Place in Saratoga Springs.