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13 Unique Halloween Activities in Utah

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2020)

We love pumpkin patches! Every Fall, we visit several pumpkin patches, but we wanted to share our favorite Unique Halloween Activities in Utah. These adventures are different from the standard pumpkin patch. We have found some really great Halloween adventures that are family friendly and fun! This list has our top 13 (such a Halloween number, right?)!

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Wagon Ride

As you ride in the wagon through the spooky forest, you listen to the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Throughout the ride at certain scary parts, there are haunted things happening outside the wagon, too. This culminates in the Headless Horseman riding up next to the wagon. We really liked this adventure because we went at the first time when it was still slightly light outside, so it was spooky but not scary, so our boys had a fun time. We usually avoid spooky things because Mom doesn’t like them, but she enjoyed this adventure. Closed for 2020.

Pumpkin Nights

Pumpkin Nights is a neat adventure. There are hundreds of carved pumpkins all lit up, but they aren’t carved as your standard jack-o-lanterns. In one room all the pumpkins were carved like ocean animals you might see in an aquarium. In another room they looked like pirates and a pirate ship. Everything is all lit up, music playing, and there are fun activities for the kids, too, such as digging for pumpkins or shooting glow in the dark arrows. This is a walk through activity, but strollers are welcome. No dates for 2020 yet.

Downey Halloween Lights

We love that some houses are putting out Halloween lights. Luckily for us, just 5 minutes away is an awesome display. Mike Downey does a great job timing the lights to music, and every year he adds new props to the show. There are a few other houses nearby that are fun to see, so if you come to watch the Downey Family Lights, make sure to hit the other houses, too! Here are the directions for all the Lehi houses.

The Haunted Train Shoppe

We love visiting the Train Shoppe any time of year, but we especially like to visit during Halloween time to see how they transform their trains into spooky trains. Kids and adults can ride on a small train or use tokens to drive the model trains. We usually give our boys some quarters and let them use them however they like. This is a fun, but very affordable Halloween adventure.

Little Haunts at This is the Place

This is the Place Heritage Park is one of our favorite places in Utah. This pioneer village always has the best activities and Little Haunts is a fun Halloween event. You can trick or treat through the village, roll pumpkins down the hill, catch candy from the candy cannon, hear stories read by witches, and much more. There is a ton to do at this Utah State Park. We love that you can have so much fun while learning a little about Utah history. Dates: October 10, 15-17, and 24.

Pumpkin Train

A fun Fall adventure is taking a ride on the Pumpkin Train of the Heber Valley Railroad. The train ride creeps along Deer Creek, and it is beautiful in the autumn time. The ride features a fun sing-a-long, some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and at the end everyone gets a pumpkin. We love riding this iconic train in Utah.

Scary Hill at Cherry Hill

We loved these skeletons playing chess with skeleton chess pieces. So fun!

Cherry Hill is a waterpark and our boys love it, so we were excited to try Scary Hill. Obviously the water is turned off, but everything else is decorated for Halloween. Our two favorite activities were the wagon ride where the skeletons are decorated and posed like superheroes, headless horsemen, and much more. We rode through a few times. We also loved the mini golf course which was all spooked up for Halloween. This is definitely a Unique Halloween Activity in Utah.

Clas Ropes Halloween Cruise

A fun Halloween adventure is a peaceful Halloween cruise down the Provo River. The boat ride is unique, too, because the boat captain pulls you down the river instead of paddles. As you ride, you can enjoy the lights and jack-o-lanterns that reflect in the water. They tell spooky stories, and there is a fun pirate attack. This activity is very family friendly.


Our kids favorite Fall adventure is Cornbelly’s. This activity has so much to do that we can never fit it all in. There are slides, wagon rides, games, corn mazes, shows, parades, play areas, a corn pit, and so much more. We think it is worth every penny because we spend hours here. After dark, some of the events turn spooky, so plan accordingly. 

Witches at Gardner Village

This is our favorite FREE Halloween adventure. The witches that are set up at Gardner Village are so creative. Every year they are posed in different ways, and we love using the printable scavenger hunt to find all the different witches. Our tips are to wear gloves, print the scavenger hunt ahead of time, and take a clipboard to make writing easier. If you’d like, you can take your scavenger hunt to the Naborhood Bakery for a 50 cent cookie once it’s completed.

Scarecrow Festival

Thanksgiving Point has a scarecrow festival every autumn. For one week, you can walk through the Ashton Gardens and view all the creative scarecrows that people create. There are always a few extra activities for kids like leaf piles for jumping, bounce houses, and scavenger hunts. We love viewing the gardens in the fall, too. This event does require admission to the gardens, but if you are a Thanksgiving Point Member it is free with your pass.

Canyon Road Haunt

Every October, a kind family in Pleasant Grove, Utah dedicates their driveway to the Canyon Road Haunt. The entire driveway is decorated with silly and scary Halloween paraphernalia, and it’s all family-friendly. It is open all day long, but at night many of the decorations move. They ask for a donation of non-perishable food or cash that they give to a local charity. Otherwise the drive is free of charge. For directions, check their Facebook page.

Monsters After Dark

A brand new activity in 2020, Monsters After Dark is a fun, kid-friendly monster drive-thru in Riverton. The monsters are hand-made and so adorable. We loved tuning into the Halloween music, and slowly driving through the parking lot to admire the cute monsters. Only $10/car and perfect for social distancing this year.

Festival Transylvania

Another brand new adventure for 2020. Millcreek Gardens put together a fun, family-friendly spook alley. Instead of guts and gore, this spook alley has traditional Halloween monsters that aren’t scary and a story walk-through when you visit. We thought it was a unique and fun idea, and we can’t wait to see this get better in the future, too.

Bates Haunt

This unique house definitely makes the list because the family creates all their own music for their awesome screen projection Halloween show. The show lasts about 20 minutes and can be enjoyed from the car. We loved the singing pumpkins and the house that wants to eat us! Directions on our blog post.

If you are looking for more adventures, check out our Fall Activities in Utah list.

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