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Alpine Easter Walk

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2019)

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***The Alpine Easter Walk will NOT be held in 2019. It will be back in 2020!

Today was Easter, and we had the opportunity to take a short walk that celebrated the Resurrection. Remember the AlpineĀ Living Nativity? On that same property there is a short video and a self-guided walk that takes you through scenes from the New Testament. The Alpine Easter Walk will only take your family about 20 minutes, but the reverent atmosphere helps bring a special feeling to the season.


The first thing you come to is a small shed that has a 5 minute video of the final scenes in the Savior’s life. We definitely took time to watch the video, even though we’d seen it before. From there, we took a short walk to a small altar next to a few lambs in a pen. A sign talked a bit about the law of Moses, and how lambs were sacrificed, which opened up some good conversation with our kids.



This is the altar and sign explaining animal sacrifices.


Our boys always get excited to see animals.

Behind the altar and the lambs stood three huge crosses. There was no ornamentation or any sort of details, just three rugged crosses, but they did stir some feelings in our little group. There was a scripture next to each Easter symbol you visited.


The final scene is located just up the hill. There is a replica of the tomb with a large stone rolled away. Small groups can enter the tomb and find that it is empty. We really loved this visual on a beautiful Easter afternoon. It brought aliveĀ the story that we’ve told to our kids so many times.

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We are impressed that this family creates such neat experiences to share with others. The tomb is very special.


“He is not here: for he is risen.” Matthew 28:6

The Alpine Easter Walk is open March 29-April 2, 2018 from 12-7 pm.

To find the Alpine Easter Walk, make your way to Alpine via the Timpanogos Highway or 100 E in American Fork. Head north on 5300 W in Highland toward Alpine, continue north through the round about. This road becomes Alpine Main Street and then continues up the hill and becomes Heritage Hills Drive. Watch for Eastview Ln (the sign is on the left side of the road). You can turn right and drive down and park right by the field, or you can park up at the top by the intersection and walk down.


There are signs all the way up the hill, but this sign announces the spot where you can turn to go down and park.


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