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Baird Manor Halloween Lights

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

We found another great light display in Lehi. There are so many houses popping up with Halloween lights, and a lot of them are super fun with music and screens. The Baird Manor Halloween Lights are a little different. For this home, you’ll want to get out of your car.

The blazing eyes in this skeleton fascinated my kids.

Baird Manor’s yard is full of a lot of things to see. As you drive by, you’ll see pumpkins, dragons, and skeletons throughout the yard. But you can’t really enjoy this show until you walk up closer. There are different projections going on that are super fun.

This is the pumpkin side of the yard.

This is the other side which has a lot of Halloween fun to check out.

There are 3 different projections in the windows, and you can see those from the car. The pumpkins sing songs, recite poems, and make all sorts of sounds. We watched the pumpkins for a long time. There is also a talking head by a tombstone. This was our boys favorite projection. He tells jokes and says funny things over and over again. We also spent a lot of time listening to him.

The pumpkin faces move and change, which is so cool!

There is a screen in the corner of the yard with different videos showing, and there are owls, fire in the skeletons eyes, and much more. We were impressed with the amount of things to see and stayed for about 25 minutes enjoying the Baird Manor Halloween Lights. We were also impressed with this family. All of the children were in the yard helping their dad set up and fine tune the show. We love families that work and play together. You can see their family Facebook page here (it also has info about their light show).

We really liked the owl in the tree, too!

You definitely need to get out of the car. My boys loved being up close to check everything out.

Baird Manor Halloween Lights is definitely worth checking out. We enjoyed our visit so much. If you’d like to see other Halloween Lights in Lehi, check out our other post where there are quite a few lights within a few miles of each other.


The Baird Manor Halloween Lights Show is located at 348 W 1560 N in Lehi. This address is just barely on the east side of the freeway off of 300 W, which runs past the Lehi Seven Peaks Fun Center (Trafalga).

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