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Best Parks in Utah County

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2019)

One of our favorite things to do in Utah County is visit new parks! We have visited quite a few, but our boys seem to request the same favorites every time. We have complied our favorite Utah County parks to make it easier on you when choosing where to visit and play. This post started as our Top 5 and has grown to our Top 10! Just click on the link to get full information and many pictures of each location of what we consider the Best Parks in Utah County.

Neptune Park


Neptune Park is most famous for the amazing climbing pyramid that towers over the playground. The pyramid is equipped with ropes for children (and adults) to climb up and down. The playground has lots of toys and is divided into larger equipment and a more toddler sized section. There is a pavilion, bathrooms, drinking fountains, soccer fields, basketball courts, but not much shade other than in the pavilion. This is a great all around park for all ages.

Discovery Park (“The Wood Park”)

We have been playing at Discovery Park since we were both in college. This park is truly fun for everyone! This park was rebuilt in 2019. There are lots of places to explore and the fun is working your way through the huge castle. The rebuilt park is much more open and there is still a toddler section. There are also lots of swings, music exploration, little beehives, and much more. Outside of the wooden park you will find bathrooms, picnic tables, tennis courts, and baseball fields.

North Park


North Park is unique because it has an awesome new playground with shade sails AND a splash pad. This park has a smaller playground for your younger children and tons of climbing toys for the older children. We have to drag our children out of this park. A few steps away is a splash pad that shoots a ton of water. It has lots of sprayers that change height and amount of water sprayed. There are bathrooms, pavilions, and a grassy field. It’s located right behind Costco in Spanish Fork if you want to grab lunch after visiting. You can visit the park all year, but the splash pad runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Highland Glen Park


Highland Glen Park is more like a recreation area than a park. There is a playground to play on, but it’s nothing fancy. The appeal of this park is a beautiful pond that you can fish, boat, or swim in. It has a beach for sand castles and other digging adventures. There are biking trails all through the park, which can also be used for hiking—they are paved so it’s stroller friendly. We always walk the loop around the pond and there are little platforms that jut out onto the pond that our children love. There is a pavilion, bathrooms, a sand volleyball court, and a good amount of shade.

Nielsen’s Grove Park


Nielsen’s Grove Park is a beautiful park filled with rich history. Some people think that this park was the first one established in Utah (1880). There is a beautiful pond with a fountain that is always filled with ducks, so make sure to bring healthy snacks for the birds. There is a huge grassy field, a playground, picnic tables, bathrooms, and little gardens. The little gardens have paths for enjoying the flowers. There is also a HUGE carousel swing. All children want to have a chance to swing on “the swing,” but it’s across the park from the duck pond so make sure to walk over and check it out. There are lots of paved pathways throughout the park so take time to explore, as well as a self-guided small museum about the history of Nielsen’s Grove.

Wines Park (Lehi)

Wines Park got a new playground last year and we love how fun it is. There is a large playground for the big kids with lots of climbing spots, and spinning toys. There is also a smaller playground for toddlers with little slides and a tiny house. There are swings, pavilions, bathrooms, and lots and lots of shade. We love how shady Wines Park is!!

Bicentennial Park (Provo)

Bicentennial Park is one of our favorites because it has so much to do. There is a playground which has some unique toys to try out. There is a pond with a darling bridge which our boys love to explore. There is a frisbee golf course if you have anyone interested in trying their aim. And here is a nature boardwalk trail to walk through some wetlands habitat. We love spending an afternoon here!

Shay Park (Saratoga Springs)

Everyone loves trains, so Shay Park is a winner with everyone! The entire playground is shaped like a train. There are lots of steering wheels so there can be lots of drivers. One of our favorite parts of this playground is the rally, bumpy slide. I’m not sure what to call it, but my boys think it is the greatest. There are bathrooms, pavilion, trail for walking, and lots of grass, too!

All Together Playground (Orem)

The All Together Playground in Orem is amazing. It has been built for children of all abilities to be able to play. There are so many fun things at this playground like Ziplines, rock climbing, a merry go round, and even a little toddler area. We always have fun playing at this park.

Cory Wride Memorial Park (Eagle Mountain)

This new park in Eagle Mountain is amazing. It has tons of different places to play, including a fun splash pad with waterfalls. Our boys loved the climbing pyramid and Ziplines, as well as the multiple playgrounds. It is an all abilities park, too.

Patriot Park (Saratoga Springs)

This new park in Saratoga Springs is perfect for sports lovers. The playground sits in the middle of lots of baseball fields, but there is a great playset even if your kids don’t love baseball. Sliding down the baseball glove slide is so fun!

We listed what we think are the best parks in Utah County, but here are some of our runner-up parks:

Bandwagon Park (Lehi)

Heritage Park (Cedar Hills)

Dry Creek Trail Park (Lehi)

Paul Ream Wilderness Park (Provo)

Timpanogos Cove Park (Cedar Hills)

Vineyard Grove Park (Vineyard)

You can search all our Utah parks here!



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