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Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2018)


For more information on the rebuild of Discovery Park, visit their Facebook page. 

Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove is often known as the wood park because it is a huge wooden castle. This park is fun because it is so big, and it caters to big children, which a lot of parks don’t. In fact, on the sign it says it was built for 5-12 year olds, but my almost 3 year old did fine with most things. There are some tricky things to climb, but he steered clear of them. There are lots of swings and lots of slides.


The fun part is working your way through all the different parts of the wooden castle. They have little beehives for the kids to play in, instruments to play, tables and benches for moms and dads, and much more. This is a great park for hide and seek. Half the time I was trying to find our son because he never stopped moving the whole time we were there.

Some other benefits:

  • picnic tables for lunch
  • bathrooms!!
  • Tennis courts & baseball fields


These types of parks make some parents nervous, so make a plan with your kids before about sticking together. There are a few different exits so kids can get out of the park in different spots. But we love this park because we play together as a family. It is such a fun park with so much to do.


The address for this park (called Manilla Park on PG’s website) is 1550 N 100 E Pleasant Grove. I took the Pleasant Grove Blvd exit and headed east to the mountains. You will stay on this road all to way until you reach 100 E which is a light. Go North (turn left). The park is just a little bit down the road on the west side of the road.


Our kids never stop running once we enter Discovery Park.


This is the main entrance into the park.


There are so many different bridges to cross, stairs to climb, and tunnels to explore. It’s awesome!


Our little worker bee!


There are swings on both sides of the park, including a tire swing.