Find the gnomes at Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)

This post shows the painted Thanksgiving Point Gnomes as they originally appeared before being repainted a few years ago.

You may have heard of the 13 hidden gnomes in the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient History. There are seven gnomes painted on the walls, and 6 miniature figurines about 2 inches tall. We have found all of the gnomes though the figurines are relocated about every six months. Below you will find the seven painted gnomes, a hint to their location, and a picture of one of the figurines so you know what you are looking for when you enter the museum. Finding these gnomes is no easy business, so keep your eyes open!

Nice try, but this one doesn’t count. Here’s the sign in the front lobby explaining your mission. But if you’re visiting this entry, you probably already know about these little guys


This gnome was added in the foyer when it was repainted in 2010. He doesn’t really match because the painter of this section apparently didn’t know what the other gnomes looked like.


This little guy works alongside the archaeologists in the first room.


This gnome is an example of the figurines. For as long as we’ve been looking for gnomes he’s been in the first room with the archaeologists, though he has been in several different locations.


Perhaps the easiest gnome to locate, he can be found scaling the wall of the children’s cave.


Look at this sneaky gnome way up in the tree in the sand & water room!


He’s well hidden at about waist level in the giant turtle room.


Is he roasting a hotdog or holding a cattail in the Giant Mammoth room?


You’ll have to trudge through the sand in the last room of the museum to find this gnome.