Gnomes at Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum

(Last Updated On: June 20, 2014)

We had a sad experience at the Dinosaur Museum today. They told us that the wall-of-fame for finding the gnomes has been “ruined” because someone is posting all the gnome locations on their blog (oops!) This was never our intention! So, there are two consequences. First, staff at the museum told us they will move the gnomes monthly. Second, we are taking down all references to figurines on our website. We still have the old painted gnomes which have been painted out. We’ll also leave on several pictures of the new painted gnomes– you can find them below. In addition, we’ll give you a picture of a figurine so you know what you’re looking for. Apologies to the museum!!!

This sign tells you about your mission.
At the end of the mine shaft, you’ll find this little guy. You need a flashlight (or cell phone light) in order to see it.
In the water table room, you can find this gnome hiding in the triceratops skull. Look closely!
As you enter the giant tortoise room, turn around and see this mer-gnome on the wall to the right of the door (after you turn around).
In the giant sloth room, you may see this gnome hiding with his eyes covered on the wall to the left.
Look! A skele-gnome hiding behind the glass case with the baby mammoth!

Here’s a painted gnome in the grass in the first room.
See him hiding in the reeds? That’s what you’re looking for. Yes, they are difficult!
Good luck!

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