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Halloween Lights in Lehi

(Last Updated On: March 9, 2021)

We love living in Lehi and we found some fun Halloween Light Displays right in the heart of the town. We made a night of it by driving down 700 S and visiting four Halloween Lights displays in Lehi. It is so fun that more and more of these light displays are popping up for Halloween time.

250 E 700 S

First, we visited a home at 250 E 700 S. There is a sign on the corner of Center Street and 700 S that points the way to this Halloween light display. When you drive over you will see all sorts of different items. There are lights shining on the walls, skeletons pushing lawn mowers, headless horsemen on the fence, and much more. We drove by and then we turned around and drove by again so we could check everything out. This light display doesn’t have a special name, but we had fun seeing all the decorations. This house always has great Christmas lights, too.

Watch for this sign if you need directions.


We were pretty excited that Snoopy was part of the display.


But the skeletons working in the yard were our favorite.

725 S 1580 W

***2020: This house does not have it’s Halloween lights up.*** Then we headed over to 725 S. 1580 W. This house has Christmas lights that we always drive by and see, but this is the first time we have noticed a Halloween display. There are some fun little pumpkins and a really fun light that looks like a dragon is flying by, but it is a small display. We wouldn’t come to Lehi just for this one, but it fits nicely between the two bigger Halloween light shows.

565 S 1700 W

2020 Update: No lights at this location this year!
This house has a small Halloween light display with ghosts and pumpkins. It is also set to music, which always make a Halloween display really fun. We love to stop and watch for a few minutes every time we drive by during October. It’s perfect between these other displays, too.

2489 W 700 S

The Downey Family Halloween Lights show was a lot of fun. It reminded us of Monster Radio in SLC; they have similar figures that look like they are singing. This light show also has some trees and tombstones that are changing colors and patterns while the Halloween music is rolling. We have been to visit this show for Christmas, and last time it was hard to hear the music well. They really improved the radio signal because we could hear the music all the way to the end of the street. This street is a little busy so people are constantly driving by, but we enjoyed watching the 5 song light show.

The changing colors are fun, but we mostly enjoyed the singing faces!

We started at the light display on 250 E 700 S and worked our way west, but you could start on the far west and work your way east. Either way, we did this light drive in about 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun, and we hope to find other shows that are just as great as these Halloween light displays. If you know of any amazing Halloween lights, please leave us a comment below so that we can visit them.

We are big fans of Halloween Light displays.

Baird Manor: 348 W 1560 N

If you are in Lehi, make sure to drive the extra few miles up to the Baird Manor Halloween Light Display. The entire house is one big screen for an amazing show. The show lasts about 5 minutes. 

On the Bright Side

This is a newer light display here in Lehi. The songs are fun, and the lights are timed to the music, but we had a hard time hearing the music from across the cul-de-sac. We hated to block the show, but we did pull right in front since no one was there for a little better reception. Our boys really liked the jack-o-lanterns in this display. This home is just a few minutes from the Baird House, so it’s a great one to add to the Lehi drive.

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    • We have been waiting to see if these light shows will be up and running. The only one that is up as of today is 250 E 700 S. Downey Family Lights will be up soon–like by the end of this weekend (October 11). The others will most likely not be up this year.

        • We have visited your show this year and thought it was fun. One concern that we had was that we had to sit right in front of your house in order to hear it, so it is hard to encourage lots of people to attend when it would be hard to watch across the cul-de-sac. But we will be adding your info to this list soon.