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Layton Lights in the Park

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2016)

Layton Commons Park is filled with lights.

Layton City puts together a stunning light display every year in the Layton Commons Park. The entire park is lit up with Christmas lights and you can enjoy the Layton Lights in the Park for FREE.


We really liked that you can drive through the lights or walk through them. We opted to drive through, as well as ride the Burger Stop Hay Wagon through the lights, but there were plenty of people walking through the park to view the lights.


You can walk right through the park and see the lights.


We loved driving through the tunnel!


The welcome committee as you enter the lights.

The road through the park is turned into a one way drive and you begin by driving past a lit Nativity scene and then through a tunnel of lights. This was one of our favorite sections of the lights. If you walk through the lights there is also a tunnel to walk through, so you won’t miss the fun of being surrounded by lights.


The tunnel in the background is over the sidewalk.

There are a lot of different things to see in the lights, but most of the lights are animals. We loved the dolphins, dragons, dinosaurs, and elephant.  If you walk through the park, you will weave in and out of the different lights. When you drive through, you can see all the lights and stay warm, but you don’t get quite as up close and personal.


Our boys loved the dinosaurs, especially the two T-rexes.


The elephant was also popular!

The drive isn’t very long, so feel free to go through more than once like we did because it is FREE! The Layton Lights in the Park are located at 437 N Wasatch Blvd at the Layton Commons Park. We exited the freeway on Exit 330 for Layton Parkway. Head east on Layton Parkway off the 1-15 and take a left onto Fort Lane. Then take a left onto Wasatch Blvd. The park will be on your right. You must drive through the lights from east to west. It is very close to the freeway…not even a mile away.

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