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Little Haunts at This is the Place Heritage Park

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

This is the Place is a beautiful setting for Trick or Treating!

We always say that This is the Place Heritage Park is our favorite state park. We love all of the amazing events that they have, and we love the way they help bring the pioneer time period to life for our children. We went to Little Haunts this year and had a wonderful time. This is a fun Halloween event for your family, especially young children.


Little Haunts encourages everyone to wear their costumes. We came straight from soccer games, so we were dressed as a tired soccer family,  but we were still allowed to participate even though we weren’t very festive. When we arrived, they handed us a bag to collect candy, but you can also bring your own trick or treat bag. As you move through the village, you can trick or treat the homes that are open. Our boys were so excited for Halloween candy!

It was fun to trick or treat through the pioneer village.

There were witches in the schoolhouse! Some locations handed out erasers, rings, or other items that weren’t candy.

There are also different activities going on in certain locations. We had our hands painted instead of face paint.  As parents, we were huge fans of the hand painting. It was much easier to clean up afterward. There were creature encounters going on where you could see snakes, lizards, and other creepy animals.  There were spooky stories in the schoolhouse, and crafts in the hospital.


Our boys’ favorite activity was the candy cannon. They launch taffy through the air, and then there is chaos as everyone picks up handfuls of candy. They only launch the candy twice a day, so make sure to pick up a schedule of events when you purchase tickets. There was a costume parade that anyone can participate in, as well as a costume contest. Once the parade ended, everyone lined the street for the candy cannon.


Little Haunts is so fun because there are all of these extra Halloween activities, but This is the Place Heritage Park is still running all of the normal things that happen daily. You can ride the train, take tours of buildings, pan for gold, learn about the pioneers, ride a pony, take a wagon ride, pet the animals, and explore. There was so much to do that we didn’t get everything done. But we had a wonderful time.


Little Haunts runs on certain days in October: October 14, 19-21, and 28 from 10-5. Use the code Blogger for $2 off your tickets.




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