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Midway Ice Castles 2016

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)


We are so excited for the Ice Castles to be back in Midway this year. We went two years ago and had a lot of fun. Last year there wasn’t enough snow so the Ice Castles never got under way, but this year we have been lucky enough to have snow and cold weather, so the Midway Ice Castles are ready to go.


The Midway Ice Castles are located at Soldier Hollow in Midway. Compared to the last area, there is more room and more parking. We arrived during our window of time and we walked right into the Ice Castles after signing our waivers. We were so glad because last year we waited in a huge line. There was never a line to get in that we saw, and we were there on a Friday night. The ticket system they have works very well!


We are always amazed at what they have created with ice!

The Ice Castle is amazing. It’s huge and contains two different slides. When you first enter the ice castle, you walk through a tunnel. You come into a large open courtyard. There is a fountain in the middle. From here you can explore different canyons, check out the slides, and take a picture next to the ice castles sign. There is also a little shop selling hot chocolate if you are there on a super cold day.


To enter the ice castles, you must walk through this tunnel.


There is a fountain right in the heart of the Midway Ice castles.

We opted to hop in the line for the big slide, and while we waited in line, our kids went down the smaller slide about 3 times. They loved it! They loved the big slide too. It zips you down the ice! If the line had been a little shorter, we would have gone again.


This is the big slide.


A few of us slide down laying down to add speed!


This is the little sldie at night, all lit up!


Here’s the view from the top of the slide. There is always a crowd at the Ice Castles.

We love squeezing through the canyons, and admiring the amazing ice formations. Our boys love crawling through tunnels that only small people can fit inside. You can explore for quite some time and go through a few times, too. There are always a bunch of people, but I felt like you could still maneuver pretty well despite the crowd.


We had to squeeze through some of the slot canyons. 🙂


We love exploring everywhere inside the ice.

The best part is when the sun goes down, and the lights start kicking in. We arrived at the perfect time (5:30). It was light enough to enjoy the ice with some light, but then for the last half hour that we were there, it was dark and the ice castles lit up are impressive. It’s fun to see the colors changing and our boys loved being inside the cave where the little slide was when the lights were on. Our oldest came out and said, “That was amazing!”


When the sun starts to go down, and the lights kick in, it’s a whole new ice castle! We loved it!


There are lights all through the ice.


If you come in the dark, it’s quite a sight as you drive up!


We love that the lights are constantly changing color.

The man who checked our tickets told us that the ice had grown about 5 feet this week. We couldn’t believe that, but the Ice Castles are constantly changing as they melt daily, and then refreeze. So each day they look a little bit different.


We had such an enjoyable time at the Midway Ice Castles this year. You can also see the princesses on Monday nights, Friday nights, and Saturdays. Check out the ice castles website for times.


Our boys weren’t interested in the princesses, but our cousin was–well sort of!!

It’s best to get your tickets online before you go for two reasons: 1. The price is cheaper and 2. You are not guaranteed a ticket if you just show up. You have to hope for stand by tickets.


You can see pictures from our first trip here. And check out our tips for enjoying the ice castles with kids below.


Our boys love this adventure and talk about it all year!

Family Tips for the Midway Ice Castles:

  • Wear Boots! This is a must. There is a lot of snow and ice to tromp through, so everyone will be happier in boots. On occasion, your foot goes into a soft spot and you sink ankle deep, so be prepared.
  • Wear Gloves! I also think this is a must. Mostly because you want to touch the ice, right? Well, your kids will definitely touch it, so to keep them from freezing hands, wear gloves.
  • Wear other snow gear–we had our boys wear their snow pants and coats, hats and scarves. I do not think these are a necessity, especially during the day, but we were all much happier with this gear on, especially when the night came.
  • Bring dry socks. Whenever we participate in any snow activities with our boys, I throw an extra pair of socks in the car. Sometimes we don’t use them, but a lot of times after playing in the snow, their socks ended soaking wet (even with boots on), and once you put that dry pair of socks on, everyone is a lot more pleasant.
  • Plan to spend 1 1/2 – 2 hours in the Ice Castles, so make sure everyone has gone to the bathroom and eaten a snack before you head in. And then afterward, go get lunch, dinner, or hot chocolate!
  • Make a day of it and stop for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Heber City, Dairy Keen.

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