Midway Ice Castles

(Last Updated On: August 14, 2014)
Outside the ice castle

Today we finally went up to the ice castles that are currently on display in Midway. We have been told by many different sources that they are worth visiting.

First of all, we picked one of the busiest days of the year to go. Today was a holiday and so the lines were incredibly long, even if you had purchased tickets before hand online. We waited about 45 minutes and actually the wait wasn’t too unbearable because luckily it was warm today. There were also lots of Disney princesses roaming around and even though we have three boys, we still enjoyed watching them walk around. We even took a picture with Miss Utah County who was Elsa from the movie Frozen.

Elsa and Anna…kind of!
Some of the Disney princesses that walked past us.

When you finally get inside, there are different things to see. You can take walk through the slot canyons (our favorite part), wander through the maze, or there are a few small places for the kids to crawl through. You can also find Olaf from the movie Frozen. We liked the small waterfall that was running…hard to capture on camera. The downside was we literally went from a line outside to a line inside which made the experience not quite as magical as we were expecting. We felt like we were surrounded by people at all times and you had to wait in line to even make a turn in the maze.

Heading inside
The icicles
Olaf…we love him!

We did speak with one of the workers and they told us that Saturday had been even busier which we found hard to believe. We spent a little over an hour wandering around the ice castles, which are definitely interesting. The ice looks different everywhere. Our boys enjoyed touching the different formations that have been made and we got dripped on lots of times because of the warm weather.

We left before it was dark and decided not to go back later for the lights, even though that had been our plan. We had our hands stamped, but they said we would still have to wait in line to get back in. We weren’t up for another 45 minute wait in the cold and the dark, but you can check out pictures on their website of the ice castles all lit up. It is supposed to be quite the sight. We know that our boys would have loved the lights because they thought everything was awesome even through all the waiting…they are better troopers than we are sometimes.

If you decide to visit the ice castles in Midway, make sure to wear boots. There is a lot of snow and ice to walk through and of all the winter wear that we took, we were most grateful for our boots. Plan on waiting in line if you go on a weekend, and possibly now on weekdays. This adventure has become quite popular. They hope to keep it running through February but it all depends on the weather. For more information and to buy tickets online, check out their website.

There is a large opening right in the middle.
There were workers working while we were there.
They are constantly building.
Squeezing through a slot canyon
We thought these were cool.
The waterfall is inside that thinner ice in the middle.
My boys crawled through this tunnel a few times.
Loving the ice castles.

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  • Love your review!! I also love how different it was just a week and 1/2 later from when we went. There were no tunnels to crawl through, and it looks like you can get closer to Olaf. Glad you had a great time!