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Milky Falls

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2014)
Milky falls is big!

We went down to Sanpete county for Memorial Day and had to squeeze in one adventure between the cemeteries. We decided to go up Manti Canyon to Milky Falls, which we’d never done before (despite the fact that I spent my first 18 years growing up around there.) The falls is very near the road– the sign says 150 yards, so to count this as a hike is a bit of a stretch. It is definitely an adventure, though.

If you find yourself in Manti in a high-clearance vehicle, you can try Milky Falls. Head east on 5th south and you’ll go straight up the canyon. From the last houses it is right around 7.5 miles to the waterfall. The road goes past Yearns, which is a fishing hole popular with the locals, and splits at the 6 mile mark. You want to go right. The last 1.5 is very bumpy and rough. We did it in a van, and we saw a few SUVs up there, but you could easily lose a small sedan in one of the ruts or potholes on this road.

The falls were really roaring though, (in late May) so much so that we had to keep yelling at our kids to stay back. One of the problems is that there is not a good “platform” to stand on to view the falls. I mean, I don’t really expect an actual platform, but there is sort of a slick hillside sliding into the river with a wisp of trail that runs up along the falls for a little way.

We’re glad we added Milky Falls to our adventure list, but it is an adventure for the truly adventurous!

The boys in front of the lower part of the falls.


  • Thanks for posting this! We aren’t super familiar with Manti and wanted to do some hiking when we were down there this past weekend for the pageant. I found your blog through Pinterest and we went up Milky Falls. It was a lot of fun…I agree with you—high on adventure…not so much on the hiking part. But we loved it!

    I’m excited to try out some of your other hikes!

  • Yes we do! We just created a Facebook page for Utah Valley Family Adventures. The easiest way to find us is to click the Facebook link on the right side of our blog under the Connect With Us heading.