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Mill Canyon Dinosaur Interpretive Trail

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2014)
You can see the bones right in the rock.

The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail is located just north of Moab. (Turn west at mile marker 141 and follow the signs for about 2 miles). We took a short walk (less than half a mile) past 15 interpretive signs that tell about the bones embedded in the rock.

The bones are easy to spot once you get used to their color and texture– sort of purple and ridged amongst the conglomerate rock. Many dinosaurs roamed here including allosaurus, stegosaurus, camarasaurus, and camptosaurus. They died near a shallow sea (or possible a river) and layers of sediment covered them over before their bones disintegrated. Then mineral rich water permeated their bones and hardened. As the bones continued to decay, the minerals took their shape, leaving the fossils that you can view today.
Our boys really liked the interpretive trail. For someone traveling down from I-70 to the Moab area, the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail would be a great stop.
The interpretive signs help you spot the bones.
Even our one year old liked spotting the dinosaur bones.
I think we’ve worn our children out.
There is petrified wood, too.