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PBS Kids Utah Reading Marathon

(Last Updated On: December 19, 2020)

Every November, the PBS Kids Utah Reading Marathon happens in Utah. If kids read every day, they earn free passes to lots of great Utah venues. We’ve participated in this pass for the last few years, and our boys loved being able to visit some of their favorite places like Hogle Zoo and the Natural History Museum of Utah.

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We are a family of educators, so reading is really important to us. Our kids are often found reading, which we count as a major blessing in our house. There are literally books laying everywhere around the house, so we love reading programs that reward the kids for doing something that we believe in.

We also think this pass is a great motivator if you have a reluctant reader. Sometimes children need an incentive to get them to spend a little bit of time in a book. Either way, we are happy to see kids enjoying books.

Click here to get started and print out your kids adventure passports. Or you can visit PBS Kids Utah to read all the details. This program is available for preschool through 6th grade. Kids need to read 20 minutes a day, or 600 minutes in the month, to earn the adventure pass. The most important part is going back to enter it online. Don’t forget!! You can enter your children’s reading minutes from November 30-Dec. 15.

Nothing better than kids reading.

Those who complete the program receive a pass to certain venues. Here are the spots that will be on the adventure passport in 2020. There are some of our favorite places in Utah, so they are a great reward for reading.

  • Discovery Gateway: Free Child Admission
  • Hogle Zoo: Free Child Admission
  • Intermountain Therapy Animals: Free Book
  • Natural History Museum of Utah: Free Child Admission
  • Ogden Nature Center: Free Family Admission 
  • Red Butte Garden: Free Child Admission
  • The City Library: Free Book
  • Tracy Aviary: Free Child Admission
  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art: Free Family Admission

The PBS Kids Utah Reading Marathon is an awesome way to enjoy November and get those kids reading. We have a bunch of summer reading programs that we use, too.

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