Rental on Me!

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2015)

Rental on Me!

Rental on Me! is a new company started up by a USU student. The idea behind Rental on Me! is that anyone can list an item to be rented, and anyone can get on and rent an item from someone else. In this way, people are able to rent items that they want to use for an adventure, but don’t want to own or store. This is a great way to try something out and see if you want to purchase it.


The cool part of Rental on Me! is that you can make a little money by sharing your rarely used items. For instance, if you are storing a tent trailer that you don’t use every weekend, but don’t want to sell, you can list it on Rental on Me! and let others use it for their adventures.

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Spencer Finch (founder) describes Rental on Me! as a community closet. A place where we all share one huge closet filled with adventure possibilities. We like this idea because we often don’t want to purchase items for an adventure that we are trying for the first time. Rental on Me! provides us the chance to rent items for a one time use.


Some items that are currently on Rental on Me! include paddle boards, Go-Pro Hero camera, rock climbing shoes, mountain bikes, and hammocks. That is just in the outdoor section. There is also a clothing section (prom and wedding dresses), books section (college textbooks), and a services section (lots of photography offers).


One concern that is commonly raised is “How do I know my items are protected?” Rental on Me! handles this by requiring a credit card for every rental. This creates an automatic contract between owner and renter.  If your items are damaged or lost, the renter is charged for those damages. This allows for a secure site for renting.


We are sharing this new business with you because it provides a way for families to try adventures that they might otherwise not have the means to do. For more information, visit their website: Rental on Me! The following video gives you an overview of this new company.

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