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(Last Updated On: January 3, 2017)
Today we had a great indoor adventure at Scheels. Scheels is a lot like Cabela’s, but instead of just hunting and fishing gear, Scheels has all kinds of ESPN type sporting goods, too. Of course, we didn’t go for the shopping but for the adventure.
The main attraction at Scheels is a huge Ferris wheel. The cool thing about the Ferris wheel is that it is inside the building. You’ll need to buy tokens at the cash register on either end of the store but they only cost $1 each. The line for the Ferris wheel wasn’t too bad; we waited for about 15 minutes. (You must be 36 inches or taller to ride, so mom stayed below with the baby). Like all ferris wheels, the long part is waiting to load it, but even our three year old liked the ride.

The Ferris Wheel is huge!

The boys loved it!

These tokens aren’t sold by the ferris wheel, but at the registers by the doors.

There are lots of other cool activities to do at Scheels, too. You will find mini-bowling for $3/10 frames, a shooting gallery (which costs a dollar for a token), and plenty of mounted animals. On the 2nd floor, you will also see a mountain much like Cabela’s which included an opossum, which for some reason delighted our boys, and the display also features an airplane.

The mountain of animals has a lot to see.

The shooting gallery was fun to watch. We didn’t actually pay for any shooting.

We also stopped by the restaurant for gelato (the boys had soft-serve) and there were plenty of photo ops. Our favorite was the fish story photo which you take and email to yourself for free. This photo booth is located upstairs, and you hold up a small wooden fish outline. The digital photography puts in a fake fish so it looks like you are holding up one of three: a shark, a bass, or a walleye.


There is also an indoor playground sort of like McDonalds. We forgot to snap some pictures of our boys playing, so we will have to go back and visit again!

Scheels is a pretty great way to spend a snowy day, and the activities are moderately priced. Our boys were asking when we could come back even before we got off the Ferris wheel!

This is the screen where you can take your fish photo and email it. The wifi wasn’t working, so I just snapped pics of the screen. He caught a shark.

Our 4-year old caught a bass.

Dad & the baby caught the walleye!