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Spanish Fork Festival of Lights

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2020)

Last night we headed down to Spanish Fork for the city’s Festival of Lights.  This is our favorite place to go for lights, and Dad’s family has been going there every Christmas season for a long time.  The cost for the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights is per car and they have fun light displays to drive past.  

They have some really fun scenes with dinosaurs, cowboys, toys, and a Nativity.  They always have Christmas music playing on 99.9 for you to listen to as you drive through the park.  We love going to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, even though it is a bit of a drive, because the lights are awesome and it is a great price.

We loved this gingerbread house.
This wall of lights was a new feature in 2014.
Our boys loved the volcano!
There is a nativity made of lights!

If you go early in the season, you can drive through twice. We love driving through a few times so that we can see everything we miss the first time. Starting the 2nd week of December, they close off the option to circle through again.

The big castle is fun to see.
You can see that there are a TON of lights!


To get to the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights, take 1-15 to the Highway 6 exit.  Head East toward the canyon and follow the signs for the lights.  You will turn right just before entering the canyon.  The Little Acorn (a restaurant) sits on the corner where you need to turn.  You can find information about this event at the Spanish Fork City website. This site has directions, dates & times, and some photos of the lights. 


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