The Train Shoppe

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2020)

Someone left us a message on our Facebook page about the Train Shoppe in Salt Lake City. It sounded fun, and we decided to check it out. We were not disappointed. We had so much fun playing with the trains.

The Train Shoppe is an actual store where you can purchase model train items and other items. When you first walk in you will see a store full of model trains and other gadgets for train aficianodos, but look for the sign on the back wall that says “To Trains.” Head that way and have fun!

You will see a few train displays when you enter the store, but the fun stuff is in the back behind the registers.

You will see a few train displays when you enter the store, but the fun stuff is in the back behind the registers.

Train Shoppe

You’ll see this small sign that says “To Trains,” and that’s where you’ll want to go.

You will walk into an old west town called Salty Gulch with a large train track in front of you with model trains. When we visited the room was set up for Christmas, but it is usually an old west town and in October they have a haunted display. They also have another room with some smaller model trains. The cool thing about all these trains is that you can control the trains for a quarter.


When you walk into the back, you will see this awesome train display right in front of you.


The side room has smaller trains, but more chances to drive.

You will need to purchase tokens. They have a machine that accepts quarters or bills. Use these tokens to control the trains. One token equals two minutes of driving fun! Once you put your token in, a small touch screen turns on and you can control the speed of the train, ring the bell, blow the whistle, and turn on the train’s lights. We put a token into almost every machine that was there and I’m sure we could have spent a lot more quarters. The small room has about 10 trains to drive, and the larger Salty Gulch as three. Our boys had so much fun!


This is the Polar Express, and the Hogwarts Express is right next to it. We spent most of our time driving these two trains.


There is a little screen in front of each model train display.


It will show you what train you are going to be driving. They have a Thomas Train which is a lot of fun for toddlers.

The controls are a small touch screen.

The controls are a small touch screen.


Here is where you buy tokens. You can see that you get a small price break when you spend more.

There used to be is a small train for your family to ride on, but last we heard this has closed down and now you can just take pictures with it. We are headed there soon to check it out. Here is the information for train rides in case this option returns!

This train ride costs $2.50/person, but it is a lot of fun to ride through the store. Both times we have been it has been set up for Christmas time, and our boys loved seeing all the fun Christmas decorations that are on display. They are adding another train ride to the shop soon, and we are excited to see what this train ride entails.


You can take a ride on the Ricochet Canyon Scenic Railroad. The other railroad ride is still under construction.


Our son got to ride right up front and pretend to be the engineer. He thought it was the best thing ever!


There are screens and moving displays as you slowly ride the ride.


It’s all set up for Christmas right now, but these displays change.

The Train Shoppe also has some small rides: a merry-go-round, a car, a wagon, and a small shooting game. These rides cost 2 tokens each, and my boys were more interested in driving the trains than the rides, but we did do one ride each. You can also have birthday parties here. They have three small rooms that you can rent out which would be perfect for your train lovers next birthday.

Here is the area with the rides.

Here is the area with the rides.

Check their calendar to see what days the Salty Gulch train rides are running. Generally they have them on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and all day Friday and Saturday, but sometimes there are other days during the week, especially during the holidays. You can visit the Train Shoppe any day and drive the miniature trains.

So grab a roll of quarters, and head up to Salty Gulch in the Train Shoppe located at 2964 S State St in Salt Lake City.

I appreciate these stools next to each display so that my little ones can see and control the trains all on their own.

I appreciate these stools next to each display so that my little ones can see and control the trains all on their own.

They could've watched the trains all night.

They could’ve watched the trains all night.

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