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Things to do in Delta, Utah

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2021)

Delta might seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but we found some really great activities for families there. If you are planning a trip near Delta, check out these cool places that we enjoyed while exploring the area. There were a lot of things to do in Delta.

Topaz Museum

The Topaz Museum is a beautiful museum that teaches about the Japanese internment camp that was located in Delta. The museum is very informative, and you can also drive out to the historic site just outside of Utah.

Great Basin Museum

Located on Main Street in Delta, this museum has a lot of pioneer history of this area. There are great period pieces, and the museum is FREE (donation suggested).

Snow Goose Festival

Every year in February, migrating snow geese stop at the reservoir outside Delta. Up to 20,000 geese can be viewed in one of the most spectacular migration scenes in the western United States.

The Great Stone Face

This short hike takes you to a large basalt stone known as the Great Stone Face. Early pioneers saw the face of their slain Prophet Joseph Smith in this rock, and it became a place of pilgrimage for Delta residents.

Fort Deseret

Early pioneers in Utah built many adobe forts in the small towns of central Utah because they were afraid of the Indians. All of those forts were later taken down so the towns could advance– except for Fort Desert. This fort still stands in a recognizable state.

Territorial Statehouse State Park

Utah’s capital was originally in the small town of Fillmore just down the road from Delta. Later, for convenience, the capital was moved to Salt Lake, but not before President Millard Fillmore gave $20,000 for the building. Since those days, the capital has served as a prison, and school, and now a state park museum.

Yuba Lake State Park

The sand is really soft at Yuba.

This state park is all about camping and water sports. If you are a boater, a swimmer, or enjoy the beach, you’ll enjoy your time spent at Yuba Lake State Park, which is located about an hour east of Delta.

Great Basin National Park

We also like to stop in Delta on our way to Great Basin National Park. It’s just over the border into Nevada, but it feels like Utah’s 6th National Park. It’s about an hour past Delta, but it has beautiful mountain trails and Lehman caves to tour.

We have two adventures near Delta that we want to check out next time we visit. But here are a few ideas if you’re still looking for some things to do in Delta.

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  • Well this is certainly timely, we’re heading out to Delta to see the snow geese in a couple of days with our own binoculars and spotting scope. You could add the rock shop to this list, it’s fantastic assuming you like rocks. I think nearly everyone does!

    • We have never checked out the rock shop. We will have to make a stop when we head down next time. Thanks for the tip!