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Utah Holiday Gift Guide for Adventure Families

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2020)

It’s the holiday season, which means time to do some serious shopping. But what to buy everyone? I get so many gifts that end up in the back of the closet, and I don’t want to do that to the ones I love. That’s why we like to give the gift of adventure!

One of the best gifts you can give is the opportunity to get out of the house. Everyone wants to go out and have fun, but they don’t always make the splurge and purchase an outing for themselves. We like to splurge for them, and these gifts are always really popular. Today we are sharing our favorite family adventure gift ideas, as well as the best deals for adventures in Utah. Here are a few that we have found that all Adventure Families in Utah will love.

Black Friday Deals

Here are a few great Black Friday Deals. We have also included some of the deals for our favorite passes in the sections below, so watch for the words Black Friday Deal!

Get Out Pass

The Get Out Pass is an awesome Pass that in Utah. It is so easy to use and has venues all over the state, mostly in Salt Lake and Utah counties. Lagoon is the huge highlight on this pass, and it makes the pass worth it all by itself. You can read all about the specifics on our post about the Get Out Pass. Best of all is the amazing Black Friday deal they are having.

Using our code, ADVENTURE, you can save $45 off the yearly price for the Get Out Pass. Your kids will be thrilled with a pass for Lagoon, Funtopia, Kangaroo Zoo, Provo Beach, and much more. They have added a gift option on their website too, so it is really simple to give the pass as a gift. When you purchase the pass as a gift, it sends a code for the person to redeem.

TIP! If you have a Get Out Pass, you can purchase a gift for yourself at this amazing discount. Just choose the gift option, purchase for yourself, and then when your Get Out Pass is about to expire, use the code to renew!!

This deal runs until the end of December, so don’t miss it! Purchase your passes on the Get Out Pass site with the code above. After December, you can use “Adventure” to save $35 off!

Ice Castles

We love visiting the Ice Castles in Midway every winter. They are amazing, and every year they add more and more events happening inside the ice castles. This is a fun Christmas gift since you can use it shortly after Christmas. The Ice Castles usually open in January, and we love bundling up and walking through the ice. Check out our post for all our tips on visiting the Ice Castles. They are having a presale on their tickets though Dec. 2. Visit their website to purchase a voucher. Once ice castles tickets go on sale, you can use the voucher for any day and time.


Lagoon always offers a Black Friday deal on their season passes. If you want to be able to go to Lagoon as often as you’d like, use this deal. It’s good from November 23 through December 2. The passes are $114.95 for the season. Visit to purchase.


Some of our favorite places offer passes. We don’t have many special deals for these passes, but we still think they make great gifts because you can use the pass all year round. The pass saves you money as long as you plan to visit enough times to cover the cost. Some of the best places to visit over and over again as a family are listed below. For more detailed info about locations, click on the links to read our posts.

SeaQuest Aquarium in Layton

They have changed their family passports to just individual annual passports. $59.95 for the first one, and then $39.95 for every annual pass after that. They also have monthly passports.

  • SeaQuest Aquarium is a hands-on aquarium where you can feed birds and pet sharks.
  • If you are a member of America First Credit Union, there are some great deals for you including 50% off an annual passport. Check out the deals here.
  • BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: 40% off annual passes until Dec. 2. 50% off memberships in-store on Black Friday only. 
  • They also have some holiday deals on gift cards. Info here.
Thanksgiving Point in Lehi
  • $275 family pass
  • There are 5 great venues at Thanksgiving Point, so this pass is definitely worth the value (Dinosaur Museum, Museum of Natural Curiosity, Ashton Gardens, Farm Country, and Butterfly Biosphere opening in January). They also offer discounts on food, souvenirs, and special tickets with the membership pass.
Hogle Zoo in SLC
  • Family Pass $169
  • November deal: Use code Thankful19 to save 10% off membership until November 30, 2019.
  • The zoo has added many new exhibits, lots of fun animal shows, and a great playground and splash pad. It’s such a fun place to visit as a family.

Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary in SLC
  • A family pass for up to 4 people is only $89. For up to 8 people is $119. You can also add a child for $12.50 to family plans.
  • We love visiting the aviary. The bird show is so fun, there are lots of hands-on experiences, and it is never very busy. You can visit the aviary year round, too!
  • They also partner with lots of places to offer discounts if you purchase their membership like Hogle Zoo, Willow Park Zoo, Discovery Gateway, and more. Makes the pass really valuable. Info here.
Utah State Parks
  •  $75 for an annual pass.
  • With 44 Utah State Parks, this pass allows you to explore Utah. We have visited a lot of our Utah State Parks, and there is something for everyone. When you buy an annual pass, make sure to plan some fun outings over the next year. (Pass does not work at This is the Place Heritage Park.)
This is the Place Heritage Park in SLC
  • $100 annual pass.
  • This is the Place helps bring history alive. We love visiting the farm, riding the wagons and trains, and interacting with those portraying pioneers. For only $100, the entire family is admitted, and it also includes all the special events except Candlelight Christmas.
  •  10% off memberships from now through December31. Use code: MERRY10!

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum in SLC
  • $175 for annual pass
  • This museum is one of the best in Utah. It has fun for all ages, and they are always adding and updating the fun play areas. The membership pass also includes 3 hours of free parking!
  • Black Friday Deal: $10 off memberships using code BLACKFRIDAY19
Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper
  • $189.95 annual pass
  • The aquarium has a lot to see and do, and it is indoors unlike the zoo and the aviary. Our boys love seeing the animals and visiting the touch pools. The membership includes the play area, which our boys love.
  • Holiday deal through Dec. 31, 2019: When you buy a membership before the end of the year, you will get up to four free tickets based on which membership purchased. You can use those as a gift to someone!
Leonardo Museum in SLC
  • The Leonardo is a unique museum with lots of interactive, hands-on things for kids. Our boys love this place, especially the create your own art area.
  • Memberships are $105 for families.
  • Black Friday Deal: Use code PINKFRIDAY19 to save 10% off annual memberships.
Treehouse Museum in Ogden
  • $100 (could be cheaper with fewer children)
  • We were surprised at how much fun this little museum is. Every exhibit is hands-on and built with kids in mind. My kids love visiting.

Active Adventure Gifts

It’s winter in Utah and kids need to burn that energy. A great gift to give is a spot where they can run, jump, and play for a few hours. We have visited quite a few of these places throughout Utah, and there are tons more to see. So if you have one close to you, consider buying some passes for your family to spend an evening exercising in a fun way. Here are our favorites.

Airborne Lindon

Airborne is new to Utah and they have two locations in Draper and Lindon. We were impressed with how many trampolines were inside, as well as all of the extra things to try, such as obstacle courses and olympic trampolines. This is a great one for teens, too. They are having a Black Friday Deal: 10 hour punch pass for $65 and an extra 1 hour VIP pass. 11 hours of jumping for only $65 is a great deal.

Fly High Adventure Park

This location has Adventure right in its name. We had such a fun time jumping and climbing at Fly High. They have a huge dodge ball area, as well as places to do tricks, and even an obstacle course above the lower level. This is a great spot for all ages.



This is a unique climbing spot in Lehi. Our boys feel very confident in their harnesses, and it’s fun for adults, too. We always enjoy trying to reach the top of all the different walls. Older kids might like Momentum climbing next door. They are having a BLACK FRIDAY DEAL, too. Five punch pass for $55 or Ten punch pass for $89. Each punch is one hour of climbing. Deal here.

Obstacle Warrior Kids

Our boys love this place! They love the challenges, and they are determined to be better and faster every time. We love that there are different areas for different ages, and comfy chairs for parents to watch their kids wear themselves out.

Products We Love

We try to keep our lives very simple, so we don’t purchase lots of extra items to take on hikes or trips. We don’t buy hiking boots, or fancy car games, so the items we are sharing our real favorites. They are products that we have tried, tested, and found to be worth the money! So here are a few recommendations (and most of these we have given as gifts to our kids before). Click on the picture to be taken to Amazon for more details.

Camelbak Mini Mule

This is the greatest item we ever purchased. Our boys love them and it keeps them happy on hikes. They have a small pocket where I can put a snack, and it makes my backpack so much lighter because they are carrying their own water. Camelbak Mini Mule are currently $48.99 on Amazon (some colors are only $36.99)!

Mini Mule sold on Amazon

Melisa & Doug License Plate

One of the best gifts we were ever given was this license plate flip board. We take it on every single road trip, and we have now purchased two more so that everyone has one. We all enjoy watching for different license plates, and this is such an easy way to keep track of them. It also serves as helping kids learn where all the states are, and we sometimes quiz our older kids on capitals, too. They sell for $16.99 on Amazon


Bushnell Binoculars from Amazon.

We use binoculars on all our National Park trips, as well as any birding adventures we go on. Binoculars are fun because kids can easily learn to use them, and they feel very important with their own set of binoculars. We have bought plenty of cheap pairs of binoculars and they have all been broken by our children. We finally started letting them use our nicer set, and things went a lot better. Everyone could see, and nothing was broken. We have 3 pairs of these, and a few other sets, but this is a solid pair of binoculars for kids and adults.


We keep headlamps in our car. It seems silly, but lots of times on adventures we come across caves or other spots where we need extra light. The best part about headlamps is they are hands free, but you do have to teach your children to point the light down and not to look directly at someone. Our boys love their headlamps and we have loved this Vitchello headlamp. It has lasted really well, has a red light mode for star gazing, and is super comfortable to wear. There are cheaper headlamps, but this one we have tried and proven to be durable.

Vitchello Headlamp for $14.99

We hope that we have given you some different ideas to think about, and we are always looking for ideas to add. What types of adventure gifts do you give to your families? We would love to hear!

Local Utah Shops

There are a few local Utah shops that we have found some great gear from. My boys love getting fun new tees or hoodies for Christmas. Here are a few favorites:

Stately Type

Stately Type has a variety of shirts and bags. We love their Utah and National Park T-shirts that they create. Watch their Instagram account for a Black Friday Deal (up to 60% off their site). They are located in Provo, UT.

This is my Stately Type Adventure shirt that I love!


Sawyer has kids tees and sweatshirts, and they are great quality. My boys have a few different shirt, including the Don’t Tell My Mom shirt, and they have lasted through lots of wear and tear. They are having 25% off their site for Black Friday starting in the morning. Located in Park City, UT.

Utah Terrain

This is a new shop to us, but we love all of the fun tees that Utah Terrain have on their site. They also have mugs, stickers, and hoodies. There shop focuses on Utah and National Parks, which are definitely two things we love. They are having a Black Friday Sale through December 2. Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off. If you miss the Black Friday sale, use our code ADVENTURE to save 20% off.

**This post contains some affiliate links, which means we receive compensation if you make a purchase using the links.