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Webb Halloween Light Display

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2018)


*** Webb Halloween Light Display is no longer running. The family has decided not to put their lights up anymore. We are so glad they shared with Utah for the time that they did!

I had no idea that people set up Halloween light displays, but we found out about this light show in Murray and decided we had to try it. The Webb Halloween Light Display has been running for quite a few years and it was a lot of fun. We pulled up right when the show was starting, so we tuned the radio to 99.9 and enjoyed the music. There was a wide variety of songs from the Adams Family and Monster Mash to Metallica and AC/DC. We sat in our van for 30 minutes before the music started cycling over again.


The lights were fun, too. There were spider webs, ghosts, and headstones, but our favorite were the eyes in the bush. There were also some chairs set up on the front lawn if you wanted to get out of your car and watch–it was raining, so we opted for the van. If you get a chance, head up to Murray and watch this Halloween light show.


We visited again and enjoy sitting on the lawn while watching the show. The owner even shared popcorn and hot chocolate with us!


It is a great light show.

The Webb Halloween Light Display is located at 5572 Avalon Dr in Murray. Take 5300 S east to Avalon Dr (410 E). Head south on Avalon Dr. and 5572 is on the right. They have a Facebook page that you can check out for updates, and for the nights that they will have popcorn and hot chocolate. Below is a short video of the light display.

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