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Weeping Rock Trail in Zion

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2016)


Weeping Rock Trail in Zion National Park is a short steep hike that is appropriate for all family members. The distance is only 0.4 miles round trip, and our 3 year-old declared the “hike” with the “crying rock” his favorite of our entire vacation.


It is a blast to walk under the dripping water!

Access to Weeping Rock is at the shuttle stop called Weeping Rock (Stop 7). From there, the trail climbs very steeply to a wet grotto. There are 2 trails here, the one to the right goes much farther and is much steeper, so make sure you stay to the left. If you haven’t found your destination in 10 minutes, you went the wrong way!


When you exit the shuttle, head toward the mountainside and you will cross this bridge. Weeping Rock is to the left. The Observation Point Trail is to the right.


The trail is paved, but it is an uphill walk the entire way to the Weeping Rock.


When you walk under this tree, you are almost there.

As you approach the grotto, which is an alcove in the rock, you notice lush green plants draped over the rocky mountainside (Well, compared to the rest of the desert it is lush and green). This is because no matter how dry this desert area gets, Weeping Rock is always wet. The water actually weeps because it cannot seep into the Kayenta layer of rock, so it must find a way over the edge. It is said that this takes a fantastically long time, and the water you see dripping from Weeping Rock probably fell as rain around 1,200 years ago!


The Weeping Rock isn’t super beautiful, but the water dripping down is amazing.

As you duck into the grotto, you’ll certainly get a few large drips on your head, and your shoes may even get a little muddy in the overlook. This a great place for a picture. Though it was 80 degrees and sunny just a few feet away, it was cool and actually felt rainy inside the grotto.


The trail is wet and muddy under Weeping Rock, so be careful not to slip, especially on the few stairs that climb up to the rock.


There is a beautiful view back over the canyon.

Weeping Rock is a hike that you won’t want to miss. The trail is steep, but paved, and you could probably take a stroller on it,┬ábut it would be a big push up the trail. And your stroller might end up wet and muddy at the end. It might be easier to carry your little ones the short distance to the Weeping Rock because it is definitely a hike you don’t want to miss.

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