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Zion Kid Hikes

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2017)

Zion Kid HikesWondering which hikes in Zion your little ones can handle? We’ve done all the research for you and put together this handy Zion Kid Hikes guide that will help you plan the perfect vacation. Simply click on a link to be taken to our full review of each hike, which includes pictures, directions, recommendations, and other details.



Riverside Walk

This flat easy trail runs 2 miles RT along the river. The trail is paved and easy for all age and skill levels. It ends at the entrance to the Narrows and in the summer is a fun place to get your feet wet.



Pine Creek Waterfall

Try this less known trail that you won’t find in any park literature that allows you to explore the creek and find a waterfall (hopefully!) It’s 1.0 mile roundtrip.


Weeping Rock

Though steep, this trail is paved and short enough (less than half a mile RT) for all skill levels. There is a great payoff at the end of this hike, which is sometimes referred to as a hanging garden.



Canyon Overlook Trail

This is probably our favorite hike in Zion. Though there is a little danger involved, the hike is only 1 mile RT and has several interesting elements including a beautiful overlook of Zion Canyon.



Emerald Pools

We give you our version of this must-do hike in the park that will help you enjoy all 3 pools while taking a little of the steepness out of the climb. Hiking to the Emerald Pools via the Kayenta Trail also offers some beautiful views of Zion Canyon.



The Grotto Trail

The most leisurely downhill hike in Zion runs a half-mile between Shuttle Stop 6 and Shuttle Stop 5. The Grotto hike is easy enough to take anyone on.


Taylor Creek

We feature this hike from the Kolob Canyons section of Zion. Though it is a little longer, there are a few interesting old cabins along the way and your little ones will have fun crossing the creek again and again.

Photo Credit: Wanderookie

Photo Credit: Wanderookie

Pa’Rus Trail

This is the one trail that we didn’t have time to do while we were in Zion. It is a paved trail that runs between Shuttle Stop 3 and the South Campground, and is about 1.5 miles long between those stops. Many people have mentioned that they use this trail to access the Virgin River for summertime splashing or wading! The nice thing is you can walk one way, and ride the shuttle the other way! For more info, check out this post on Wanderookie.

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  • Thanks for the cool hike recommendations and photos. I want to take my girlfriend and her two kids 10 & 18 to Zion next week and want to have some good hikes that work for them. These all look great.