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Zoo Lights! Hogle Zoo

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2016)
We had our best adventure yet last night.  We went to Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. This adventure was cheap, fun, and exciting for the kids.
Starting at 5 pm the zoo turns on an extravagant Christmas light display and has Santa visit, reindeer, crafts, and the carousel running. We arrived right as they opened and were able to see quite a few animals along with the lights. The tigers were prowling (all the cats were pretty active), and all of the houses—monkeys, snakes & reptiles, etc. were open. In an unbelievable stroke of good luck, we arrived on the day of a birth announcement (Dec 9) and actually got to see the new baby Colobus monkey. It looked much like you’d expect a newborn to look—sort of wrinkly and smooshy and damp.
New baby monkey with his mom!

New baby monkey with his mom!

At 5:15 Santa led Comet and Vixon (sic) down the hill to their pen. Then he went in to accept visitors. Our kids weren’t much interested. It seems they’ve seen more of Santa than of each other this month.
The train was not running (and would have been cold if it had been), but they had enclosed the carousel. It was heated and the boys always enjoy that ride.
We found only one craft, but both boys (age 1 and 4) were able to participate. They enjoyed making a simple ornament for the Christmas tree, and though the sign said “For Zoo Members Only,” they laughed at us when we tried to show our pass.
The lights were amazing.  The boys loved seeing the lights look like animals, and most of them moved in some way.  We were able to walk the whole zoo, do the craft, and ride the carousel in an hour and ½.   It cost us only $13 to get in and ride the carousel.  We did get a discount because of our Zoo pass, but we think the regular price of $6/adult and $4/child is worth it.  This was one adventure we will do every year!
Make sure to dress warm and for young children, don’t forget strollers because it is quite a walk.  We tucked blankets around both our boys in the strollers and they seemed to stay plenty warm.  For more information, check out the Hogle Zoo’s website.
Here are some pictures from our adventure to Zoolights!

There are lots of lights.


The boys wanted to pose with all the lights…but it is hard to see them in the dark.


We had a blast at Zoo Lights!